We are a network of Christians from different churches across the region.

Our relationships are right at the heart of who we are.

We love to support, encourage and pray for one another in our daily challenges and ventures, through regular meetings and social media groups

We have small groups who meet regularly in Horsham and Brighton, and have a vision for more to grow throughout the region:

Horsham group

Breakfasts, prayer meeting, contacts and calendar.

Brighton group

Evening meetings, contacts and calendar.

We share our work lives. We eat together, pray together, share the Word and encourage one another to glorify God in our business and workplaces.

We also fully appreciate peoples’ working patterns and commitments don’t fall neatly to match meeting times, so there’s no pressure to be at everything. We just love to see as many people as possible whenever they can make it.

See our calendar for details of meetings and events.

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