How on Earth did That Happen?
When Heaven and Work Collide, 2017.

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Some great books on and around the subject:

  • The Great Divide. Mark Greene, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, 2010.
  • Work. Prison or Place of Destiny? David Oliver,1999, Authentic Publishing.
  • Church that Works, David Oliver and James Thwaites, 2001, Authentic Publishing.
  • God at Work. Ken Costa, 2016, Thomas Nelson.
  • Know Your Why, Ken Costa, Thomas Nelson.
  • Anointed for Business, Ed Silvoso, 2002, Chosen
  • Transformation. Change the Marketplace and You Change the World. 2007, Ed Silvoso, Chosen.
  • Faith at Work. Peter Michell, International Christian Chamber of Commerce, 1993, New Wine Press.Theology of Work. Bible Commentary. 2016. Hendrickson Publishers.
  • The Seven Mountain Prophecy, Johnny Enlow, 2008, Creation House

“Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:10

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